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Celebrate Spring with watercolour

Painting in watercolour was a revelation for me. It is a delicate balance between the artist, the paint, the paper, and the water. The water adds a dynamic element to the process. You do not fully know what the painting will become until it is fully dry. I had to learn to let go at the right moment and to trust that it will be fine. Also that perfection does not exist and chasing after it, I lose the joy of surprise and discovery.

(Music: Antonio Vivaldi, The four Seasons, Spring, Musici di San Marco, Alberto Lizzio)

Here is a sample of my first watercolour postcards. I played it safe by sticking to flowers. But this is only the first on an exhilarating journey of self discovery.

watercolour flowers

watercolour purple flower

pile of cards with watercolour flowers


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