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What I mean when I talk about blogs

We conceal a lot of our inner thoughts and only a few are shared with those around us.

Sometimes it can be fear of being misunderstood, and we want to fully understand our thoughts before sharing or it’s because we don't feel anyone would understand them in the first place. We wanted to create a safe place where all those ideas and beliefs one has can be written out and so others can be invited to read and share their opinions. Discussions with those that challenge our ideas or beliefs in a respectful way can help us grow into a better understanding of our own mind.

Sharing those ideas here opens up the possibility that others might also share your same thoughts and make those connections that for me, it feels as if you’re not alone.

We will organize all of the blogs under categories based on the topic of the blog, so they can be searched for easily by others who might also be seeking others with whom they can express their shared opinions or thoughts on the subject. If you sign up to create an account all of your blogs will appear under “My Blogs” in the sidebar, along with the date written and published. We also ask for all blogs and comments to meet our guidelines to ensure everyone feels welcomed and to create a safe environment.

“Where there is darkness, beam your light.”

Jodi Livon


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