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The Man who Knew Everything

man holding the moon in hand

His look made the mind sink in the body and the feet rest on the ground. 

The day he realized he knew everything was rainy. He had to meet a friend for coffee at the new place in the centre that had foreign students waitresses. He liked to hear them speak his language in their exotic accents. It made for a fresh day even on the dusty boring ones. But this day was rainy and when he got there, the place was closed. In fact, all the places were closed that day and his friend was late. He stood there and waited. It was a long time he waited. He knew that because now he could only see things lit by the passing car lights. His body caught up with him and suddenly he felt wet. He felt as small as an ant and as big as air. He smiled because then he knew. He walked home that night and felt every step and heard every breath. And thoughts trickled in his mind with consideration for the transformative moment that he was living through. Some thoughts were for his friend that never came, others for the waitresses he did not see, for the rain, for the wind, for the child he used to be, for the adult he never became and he smiled. So long, my friends, he said to them gently. He put the key in the door and it clicked open. When he put his head on the pillow that night he knew he arrived home. He also knew that was the home he will never leave.  

Years passed since that night, many breaths filled his chest, some tears filled his eyes, some smiles lit his face and every step he took was the first and last step he would ever take. He was the man that knew everything. Everyone knew that from the moment they met him. Many people that met him wanted to learn everything. Others wanted to understand everything. A few of them even said they would give anything to have a short glimpse of what it was to know everything. They talked to him, and he listened, they invited him to their parties and he went, they gave him gifts and he accepted. 

He was the man that knew everything ... and said nothing. 


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