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Our existence is inconceivable outside of a story frame. We are the heroes and heroines of our own stories and we constantly collide with the stories others have of us.

Here you will find a collection of stories uncovered from writers and folklore and retold by me to you. Can you discover your story here?

I hope you will enjoy your time on the Isle of Stories.

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”

— Neil Gaiman

The runaway ideas that do not have a place at the table, that you need to find a niche for, they also have a right to exist.

They are here from the moment they manifested and we need to contend with them. Stray thoughts are the buds from which you can build up a new world.

What if man could fly? What if we could instantly communicate with each other across continents? What if by allowing ourselves to think, we bring into existence the world we dream of?

And when we do this, we get get a little closer to each other.

The Isle of feelings is a place of whispers. Feelings whispered under the stars and felt under the covers. It is a place of desires and longing, of joy and sadness.

It sometimes take the shape of verses, and sometimes that of sounds. And it always takes the shape of own’s soul.


Memories are the fragments of life that we choose to take along with us in our journey. Some of them we store as thoughts, others as objects. Some memories we share and other memories we hide.

But all of them, regardless of their shape and content are a means of storing our past and they write the story of our life.

If the world were only made of words and thoughts and ideas, how would we ever know when our dreams came true? What use would we have for hands and legs and even most of our thoughts?

We live in a world of objects and when we create some of these objects, a piece of ourselves crosses from the imaginary to the objective realm.

We leave behind the objects that we make, the objects we transfrom and the objects that we touch.

My objects are clothes, furniture and drawings.

Do you know which are your objects?


This is the Isle of children, of laughter and imagination and it is the most important Isle.

The monsters and heroes that we discover as children, we carry along with us through life.

Here are the projects of Nina and Isaac.


I learnt to be careful of spells and people who can cast them. It is better to know them then to pretend they do not exist.

From the grimoire of my mother, I gathered a few recipes to put forward for future use.

Isle of Nines blog

Isle of Nines

Isle of Nines Blog is a space where intellect meets creativity  through philosophical musings, magic tales, and modern greek myths told through captivating storytelling videos. Explore the fusion of wisdom and creativity in every post, where words become magic, and stories come alive.

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