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Isle of Stories

Our existence is unimaginable outside a story frame. Storytelling is the human condition. Here is a collection of stories, some original, some retold.  Some stories you can read and others you can listen to or watch.

The Little Prince

During the winter of 1935, in a race to break the speed record for a Paris to Saigon flight—a race that promised fame and fortune—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and his copilot, André Prévot, crashed in the Sahara Desert. Miraculously, they survived the plane crash. With barely enough liquid to last a day, the two Frenchmen stranded in the desert succumbed to vivid hallucinations until, on their fourth day, they were discovered by Bedouins and brought back to consciousness. The desert crash left an indelible mark on Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's imagination. In 1942, exiled from his native country due to his opposition to the Nazi regime, he chose the crash as the starting scene for "The Little Prince." Written as a fable of self-exploration and discovery, "The Little Prince" has become one of the most well-known stories in Western literature. A phantasmagoric dialogue unfolds between the stranded pilot and a little prince, exploring themes of love, meaning, and the essence of humanity. The language is simple and disarming, resembling a genuine dialogue between an adult and a child. The adult can only emerge from the desert of existence by perceiving the world through the eyes of a child—a timeless lesson. In this interpretation of the story, I have chosen the music of Marilyn Manson to underscore the anxious cry of the lost adult, providing a contrast to the crisp childlike language in the dialogues. The images are created in a surrealistic style using an artificial intelligence model (Adobe Firefly). The two-tonal color scheme aims to accentuate the contrasts experienced in words, views, and tone, adding a visual dimension to the narrative. Embarking on this project has been an exquisite journey for me. I hope you enjoy watching and listening as much as I enjoyed creating it.