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How ancient are ancient aliens?

The universe has been a curiosity of mine since I was a kid, most that know me can easily figure out which is my favorite planet just by the username I use on most chatting sites. (which is Saturn) My knowledge was limited, as I only knew about our solar system and a little bit about the Milky Way Galaxy that our home occupied. The thought of other lifeforms out there never crossed my mind until I was introduced to a book by a friend called, “Behold a Pale Horse”. It spoke about how there were unidentified flying objects, UFOs, flying through our skies at speeds incapable of man at the current moment and how our military kept secret files on these mysterious beings that flew them. It spoke about other conspiracies, such as the JFK assassination. It was the beginning of a journey through conspiracies and the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

After years of investigating these famous conspiracy theories in books and articles, the one that intrigued me the most was about mysterious beings that came from a distant unknown place in the Universe to visit our bright blue marble. It started out as a wild conspiracy that eventually turned into many intriguing ideas of who and why these beings were here.

Many questions ran through my mind and some were answered by books, articles, and documentaries on the subject. I began to have my theories of what was going on but nothing was still certain as I had never had an encounter with a UFO, or with one of them.

According to many cases of these encounters with the E.T.s, reported all around the world there were several races. One race being the most reported was called, “The Greys”. These beings were said to be responsible for the abductions that have been reported for over a century. They claim to be taken aboard the ships of the greys and experimented on or shown the secrets to the universe.

As I was happy that I never had this experience, it was still questionable to me as these were such bizarre claims. I dove deeper into this world and discovered Dolores Cannon, a hypnotist who passed away in 2014, who after a technique she invented, could find the answers to questions her clients were not able to obtain while consciously awake. Her first abduction case was the Barney and Betty Hill abduction. This intrigued her to pursue a career in these abduction cases but also in other phenomena as well. Through her work, she published many of her interviews in books that I read and learned of other beings that are visiting our planet. The Greys were not the only space beings watching over us.

As this topic could go in many directions at this point, my current thoughts were if they had also visited us in the past. We know of the series, Ancient Aliens, televised on the history channel. Claiming that the incredibly detailed and heavy structures built by past civilizations, such as Stonehenge, the Pyramids, and countless others, were helped and guided by these beings from space. The idea that our ancestors were incapable of these amazing feats offended me to the point of ignoring all of their claims because I felt they had little faith in us performing such grand achievements. This idea stayed in the back of my mind for a few years until I started to dive into our past. I looked into religions and beliefs across many cultures and found that numerous ancient myths and texts reference contact with extraterrestrial beings or gods who descended from the skies. Was there any truth in these stories? Currently, I am reading, “Chariots of the Gods”, by Eric Von Daniken who has a compelling argument for the possible visitation of such beings in the past. He claims that our exploration of the solar system and stepping foot on the moon is the start of our journeys to other worlds in other solar systems and galaxies. That If it is in humanity's future to discover a habitable planet teeming with life we would descend from the skies and appear as gods to the young civilization and share with them our knowledge. My question is if this would be wise given the political, ethical, and technological differences, that it could have negative consequences for both parties. Do we leave new life alone, or do we interact? If we were visited in the past, was that wise or did they learn it was a mistake why they have now gone back into hiding?


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