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Between Order and Chaos

Chaos is normally viewed in a negative light.

It is not something we often seek unless you love the thrill of constant unpredictability. It's hard to agree with the definition of chaos, when it’s not always constant because we often find ourselves in varying degrees of chaos throughout our lives. Henry Adams quotes, “Chaos was the law of nature, Order was the dream of man.”

Order and chaos are needed in this life but I do agree that we, the human race, strive for complete order.

I wanted to share my thoughts on how chaos creates growth. Not only on our path in this life but for every living and nonliving thing in the universe. We often hear we learn from our mistakes, and those mistakes are small bits of chaos making themselves known. What's also beneficial is we can learn from the mistakes of others which many have shared this same thought through the century. When we know what we want in this life and have the plan there in front of us of how to obtain it, it can be successful.

Often as it’s proven chaos can seep through the cracks and make one’s logic no longer applicable to the plan. We have to think outside the box. At times we can become so immersed in our world of predictability and order

that we have sometimes a misguided view of what is right and anyone that comes into this to shine a new way of thinking is wrong. We become imprisoned. This challenge presents itself as, you guessed it, “chaos”.

When chaos enters the scene we have to re-strategize our way of doing things. .This is where growth happens.

It happens also in the darkest of our times where chaos seems to really take its stronghold on an individual. It can be that we

don’t even notice it at first, the chaos is taking on us until it’s too late. From there it’s all about how we rise from that. Chaos for me has shown what boundaries I now set when it comes to relationships. It’s shown me to be cautious but also open. It’s given me the courage to let things out instead of bottling them in even when It might impact a relationship negatively. I may not be able to control when chaos happens, but I can control how I handle it. I still have a lot to learn and I hope to keep improving each time.


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