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Worries about a fearful tomorrow.

Humanity has a bright future ahead of it, with every year new discoveries in science and advancement in technology are being made, that would have been hard to conceive of over a hundred years ago. Many share this vision of a better tomorrow, but I find myself having difficulty in sharing this.

Instead, worries about a fearful tomorrow often overshadow any optimism that I may have.

One of my fears is the advancement in A.I. and its potential to harm society.

A.I. is moving fast, and shifting towards an easier world to navigate through. It will help the medical field perform safer and quicker surgeries and shows real-time weather data to help prevent the impact of natural disasters and save lives. It will do away with human error and be as precise as we make it. A.I. is not to be feared but to be praised.

So why do I not praise it?

My worries about a fearful tomorrow stem from the fact that with every advancement in A.I., there is also concern about its misuse or unintentional consequences. For instance, A.I. can be programmed to act by its own goals and may not align with our human values, leading to unexpected negative outcomes.

“Artificial Intelligence will have a more profound impact on humanity than fire, electricity, and the internet.” Sundar Pichai.

This quote shows how quickly A.I. is advancing and shaping a new future quicker than any previous technology.

The internet changed the world and formed its own culture in a decade. It connects us to others around the globe and shares with us any knowledge we seek. But with the introduction of the internet not only has it caused humanity to learn new skills and stay in touch with family and friends it’s also caused new forms of bullying such as, “cyberbullying” and has nurtured people into socializing online rather than in the world. (which I, myself am at fault of. I wouldn't change these guys for anyone.) It’s formed ways to spread misinformation to the masses in hours that can lead to new identities and religions in the form of this new false information. With every innovation, there is also a downfall of it.

Therefore, while I recognize the potential benefits of A.I., I remain cautious and skeptical about its advancement. There are safety measures we can take to insure that A.I is being used ethically and responsibly, but we continue to keep a watchful eye on the further development of A.I. One thing I fear with this is we might cut corners to rush developing something faster and better than another country. Every country in the world wants to have the best over their adversaries.

I could go on about other fears I have with A.I., but I do recognize that it's not worth living in fear so I will remain cautious.

Even so, I do believe A.I will be the grandest of technological achievements. Whether that is continuing to have a positive effect on society or a negative one.


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